Friday, August 30, 2013

Xicom technologies is a worthless firm

Xicom is a worthless web development firm. Though one of my known, suggested me the company, but I wish I would have not listened to him. Guys’, trust me, doing a background research is a must. And if you are about to hire Xicom, then it would be my personal advice - don't do it. Xicom not only lacks experience and technical expertise, but also don’t have adequate manpower who can tweak the technologies to do your task. I was looking for a simple Payment Gateway integration on my ecommerce site, but to my surprise the bunch of fools from Xicom was unable to do that. I assessed their capability when I had a talk with one of their developers on phone, but as I came to the company through a personal contact, so I wanted them to give a bit of time. But today I know, that was not worth as a decision. 

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